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Teresa E. Gimeno

Dr Teresa E. Gimeno

I am a plant eco-physiologist. My research focuses on the impact of global change on forest ecosystem functioning. I am interested on the effects of climate change and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) on plant water use efficiency. I work on key forest ecosystem species in water-limited ecosytems.


Currently I am engaged as an Ikerbasque research fellow at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3).


Rising atmospheric CO2 concentration is the main underlying cause of global warming and climate change. But elevated CO2 also impacts on whole ecosystem function via its direct effect on plant ecophysiological performance. FACE (Free-Air CO2 Enrichment) technology allows us to test the effect of elevated CO2 on intact ecosystem.

Mosses and liverworts were the first representatives of the plant kingdom that colonised terrestrial habitats. Nowadays we found them in all types of environments from the tropics to the poles. The light and dark reactions of photosynthesis in mosses and liverworts are similar to those in C3 vascular plants.  But when it comes to transpiration it is a whole different story!

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